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**UPDATE: as of July 8, HUNDREDS of people from 38 states (and counting) have answered the call for solidarity. Can you help us make it 50?**

Army Corps: No Rubber Stamps for Tar Sands!

This summer, a company called Arrakis plans to mine for tar sands in Logan County Kentucky. They are waiting for the Army Corps to issue them the proper permits to go ahead.

Tell the Army Corps that we don’t want tar sands destruction in the US!

Fill out your info HERE to send the following suggested letter:

To the Regulatory Office of the Army Corps of Engineers,

I’m writing today because I have learned about plans for tar sands mining in Logan County, Kentucky. If this goes through, this project will become one of the first in the USA. 

In a state permanently damaged by mountaintop removal coal mining, Logan County and Kentucky as whole will not stand to be “next in line” for another destructive fossil fuel extraction industry. Tar sands mining has become an international catastrophe, making headlines about water, air, and health impacts every single day of the news cycle. Americans do not want to see this kind of mining take hold in the USA.

I am writing to ask you to REJECT Arrakis’ application for a 404 Stream and Wetland Fill Permit. Please protect the citizens of Logan County and those downstream.



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Apr 012013

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Will talks about the campaign. Click to view the video and learn more.

Will talks about the campaign. Click to view the video and learn more.

The Utah Tar Sands Roadshow is a listening project and educational presentation about the impact of tar sands extraction on people, water, and the land.  Tar sands development is one of the most destructive industries on earth–and a Canadian company is bringing it to Utah unless we rise up to stop it before it starts.

Tar sands are geological deposits containing bitumen. In order recover oil, bitumen must be strip-mined, pulverized, chemically separated, and then extensively refined. This process requires enormous amounts of energy input and requires 1.5 – 3 barrels of water for every barrel of oil created. Utah is the second most arid state in the nation and tar sands extraction would tap already stressed watersheds.  The proposed mine lies in the Colorado River watershed, which 30 million people downstream rely on for agriculture and drinking water.

Tar sands mining also requires extensive refinery expansions in Salt Lake City, which will add to the already record level air pollution along the Wasatch Front.
An extractive project of this scale will irreversibly impact the remote and pristine Tavaputs Plateau in Eastern Utah.  Some claim there are 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil contained in this large formation. This would mean disaster for the climate as tar sands extraction releases roughly three times more greenhouse gases per barrel than conventional oil.

The Utah Tar Sands Roadshow will journey around the region weaving together stories of resistance and resilience in the face of tar sands and other forms of extreme energy extraction. Our collection of interviews and conversations will be constantly updated on our website and compiled into a production to help educate people on the impacts of tar sands mining in the United States and the world.

Help make the Roadshow a success! 

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