Jan 102013


Send a letter to U. S. Oil Sands’ CEO Cameron Todd

Dear Cameron Todd: Prove it. PR Springs and Test Pit Aerial

  5 Responses to “ACTION ALERT #1”

  1. [...] At the core of our misunderstanding, you mistake our deep sense of responsibility and determination with unreasonableness. Feel free to comment if you thing I left something out. And send an email while you’re here, for pete’s sake.  [...]

  2. [...] “environmentally friendly” extraction process, and to bring attention to their first national action, which calls for people around the country to email U.S. Oil Sands CEO Cameron Todd demanding a [...]

  3. Excellent comments at the Guv’s summit Ashley, may I repost on the Grand Canyon Trust website?

  4. I cannot comprehend the motives of people who put profit ahead of not only the lives of their own children, but potentially the lives of every living thing on earth.