Jan 112013

Guest post by Melanie Martin

Utah has enormous potential for growing its renewable energy capabilities, like wind and solar. However, Governor Herbert works hard to create a “business-friendly environment” for the dirtiest industries, including tar sands and oil shale—the most destructive of all. Governor Herbert is trying to seize hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands for tar sands and oil shale mining, so our friends at Utah Tar Sands Resistance seized the stage at his energy summit to award him the Polluter of the Year award.

  2 Responses to “Utah Gov. Dirty Herby receives Polluter of the Year award at his own energy summit”

  1. [...] Utah Tar Sands Resistance seized the mic in the main staging area and gave the Governeor a special award, before being forcefully thrown out by security.  From then on, the Unconventional Fuels breakouts [...]

  2. corrupt idiot with no moral ethical compass